Rise of Females Authors with Self Publishing

Book publishing has been a notoriously vicious business. And if you are a woman, the chances of your book getting through are almost ambiguous, in the traditional publishing model. If you look closely at the books published by traditional publishers, the data will show you that the number of authors who come up with a book are mostly men.

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Promotion and Marketing of Books - Book Fairs

When a writer thinks of publishing a book, the first question after finalizing a publisher, that comes to his mind is - how to market my book.

Book Marketing is a very broad term. Multiple aspects of promoting a book come into play.

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Trending Topics in Self Publishing

There are two types of writers – those who write for passion and others who write for passion and sales. If you fall in the second category, then here is an insight into the trending topics that might help you finalise the topic for your next book.

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Rise of Children’s Books with Self Publishing

My search for children’s books began when my son turned one. I came across amazingly beautiful, well-illustrated and well-narrated books. In the gamut of all these books, something still seemed amiss. None of the books were set in the Indian context. None of the books had illustrations that children from India could relate to.

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The Full Stack Development Book

Full stack development is the new frontier in software development. The development of a production software that serves a lot of users, requires computer engineers who are specialised in specific portions of a software lifecycle. With the evolution of various software development tools, it has now become possible for a single engineer to be knowledgeable about all the parts that make up a software, right from development to deployment.

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BooksFundr - India's First Crowd Funding Platform

Most of us are aware of the term – Crowd funding. It means getting funds for a project from like-minded individuals or those interested in it. This way, no one bears the upfront cost of building the project as many individuals have contributed to it by donating money. In return, the contributors get either the final product or subscription or credits, depending upon the type of product created. This model has been successfully adopted worldwide in creation of music, videos, social causes, software, and even publication of books.

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Bookstores - Losing the Charm?

"I want to place my book in stores across the country." "Will my book be sold through bookstores?"
"You don't provide physical store distribution?"
The queries are numerous.

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Hybrid Publishing

Since its inception in the year 2007, self publishing has come a long way. We see more and more writers choosing this route to publish their books. With this increase, the number of firms offering self publishing services is also on the rise. Self publishing offers ease of access to bring out one’s book in the market. Traditional model of publishing has always been time-consuming, evaluation-based with lesser transparency in terms of sales figures. All these cons are taken care of in self publishing.

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Planning to Submit your Work to a Publisher?

At the onset of a new era inpublishing when more and more voices are being heard, when new hidden gems and stories are unearthed every day, which may have never seen the light of the day, I’m sure you have a story to telltoo, an experience to share, an urge to paint the sky with your ink. Yes, I’m talking about self-publishing, which has come a long way in a very shortwhile but has an even longer journey to make.

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Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing

If you think writing a book is difficult, wait till you start making efforts to get it published – writing would seem to be a walk in the park in comparison. If you are planning to write a book, or in the process of writing one, or already have a manuscript ready, then I’m sure you would be struggling with the dilemma of whether to take the traditional publishing route or go for self-publishing. Being a recently published author who has dealt with both types of publishers, I think I am an ideal candidate for drawing a comparison between traditional publishing and self-publishing.

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Latest Books on Time Travel

As you read through these lines, I’ll be way into the future. With technological advancements in full swing, in our age, we quite often love to immerse ourselves into the new, imaginative, and creative realms created by the thinkers, visionaries, and dreamers that rock the world every now and then by their ideas. So many of the science fiction fantasies are common realities now. But there is one, about which it has been written since time immemorial, ever since there has been science and fiction, and has not been achieved yet. It still intrigues our minds no matter how many times we come across that same old concept - The Time Travel! It never fails to catch our attention.

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Writing Style

Remember, when you write, you supplement the written proofs of our existence. As soon as you put that ink on paper, you’ve etched a mark of your presence, of human footprint in the physical world. That mark is a testimony of who we are. Your words will travel to places unknown, to people unknown, and to times unknown. They will, most likely, continue to exist even after you. And believe me, with the current trends of self-destruction around the world, they may even be the last vestige of mankind!

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What Should I Read?

Well, being an avid reader you are sure what all you want to read, but what should you consider reading when you are a writer? There is no single answer to this. To be frank, read everything you enjoy. Whatever you read is useful, be it - newspapers, magazines, novels, technical papers, economics, history, literature, science, spiritual, etc. Nevertheless, there are certain points you can keep in mind while choosing to read, especially ‘for’ writing.

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Writer's Space Time Continuum

A Writer’s World

A writer’s world is complicated. Being one, I’d love to present an unimaginable correlation between a writer’s universe and our physical cosmos. So grab your mugs and sit tight as we enter this space-time continuum, to contemplate a writer’s world.

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Challenges faced by a first time writer

Well, I’m back with the some challenges and problems as I promised before, and here’s the next set of tea/coffee for your mind.

I’m not going to write long essays, or deep thought provoking stories here to make you doze off. Every writer, author, in fact, everyone faces some struggles, problems, obstacles, etc. in the course of achieving their dreams. That’s bound to happen, and those are the challenges you need to take up, bet on yourself, and win them!

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Hop on with a tea/coffee and a little thought-chat with the text below.

Being a writer is great… It’s an art of putting your thoughts and imagination onto paper. Of course, you already know that. As easy as it may seem, being a professional at writing and inculcating a constant drive to keep writing takes away much of this ‘ease’ factor. Writers do go through their own struggles and problems, but let’s keep that for some other time. And, some nice tips and tricks through this tête-à-tête might, anyway, assist you to maintain that drive and help you reach new heights without falling into some of those quarries.

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Dos and Don'ts for a First-time Author

1. Don’t write the book you just feel like writing.

Simply don’t go with the topic you feel passionate about or have knowledge in. Do your research. Try to find out what is selling & trending.

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