Self publishing can be defined as the process of getting your manuscript out in the market, all by yourself! In other words, you can publish your books, market them and sell them. Self publishing has come as a boon for people who dream of publishing a book, one day. Traditional publishers have been selective in publishing books that, according to them, can sell millions. Hence, amateurs have had to confront rejections. Still, people with a fire in them, to write, never ever gave up writing! For a passion, always remains a passion, it never subsides, come what may. Book publishing in India is set to explode with the new model of self-publishing. Self publishing is enabled by print on demand (POD) technology. In print-on-demand (POD) publishing, new copies of a book are printed as and when orders come in.

Benefits of Self Publishing

Self publishing is an alternative and a better publishing option for authors, famous or new. Self publishing has many advantages to offer for writers of all kinds - Better control on the content since author owns the copyright
Author provides suggestions at each step of the book composition and publishing process
Author can get the book published through other publishers/service providers depending upon varied distribution/geographical location/higher royalty/etc.
No upfront book publishing/printing costs are incurred
Author pays only for the services availed – Cover design, Interior design, Account set-up, Marketing, Bulk copies, etc.
No upfront printing of copies takes place. Self publishing has a unique aspect called Print-on-Demand – the book is printed by the POD printers only when an order is placed on the online distribution channels. Thus, author is not asked to pay fully or partially for bulk printing and stocking of books, as seen in the case of traditional publishing.

Self Publishing in India

In India, self publishing has just taken the first few steps forward. Authors, writers, poets, students, working professionals, teachers are awakening to this new mode of formalizing their dreams of publishing their works. White Falcon Publishing, aims of providing professional services to authors for assisted self publishing. White Falcon Publishing is a one stop solution for all the authors who wish to get their books published the self-publishing way. In this model, the copyright remains with the author. The author fixes the list price and monitors the book sales and royalty directly. The books become available online on major distribution channels globally. If you are a budding author and wondering how to publish a book in India or looking for a self publisher in India, we at White Falcon Publishing can help you in making your dream true by providing best quality and affordable self-publishing services.