Self-publishing is the new model for book publishing. In this model, the author is the publisher of his book. The copyright of the book vests with the author. Author can avail the services of various professional service providers for making his manuscript print-ready and available online.
1. Subsidy based - The author pays for the book’s printing and binding process. The publisher pays for a portion of the cost of edit, distribute and market the book.
2. Vanity-based - The author pays for all the services and owns the book and receives all profits directly.
3. Self-publishing based - The author pays to produce, market, distribute and stock the book.
4. Print on Demand - Authors can make their book available online without any minimum purchase guarantee. Author can order even a single book.



Traditional Publishing

Waiting Period Self-publishing model helps authors get their books published in a very short span of few days to weeks Traditional publishers take upto 6-12 months to bring a book into the market, if they select the work for publishing.
Possibility of Getting Published In self-publishing, there is no rejection. Depends on evaluation of the manuscript.
Availability Online across all major book selling platforms globally. Availability limited to specific markets/bookstores
Copyright Copyright remains with the Author Traditional publishers usually keep the copyright of the book
In-Print The book never goes out of print by the self-publishing, print-on-demand model. Traditional publishers print the books for maximum 2-4 years seeing the sales and then do away with the book.
Royalty Payment Self-publishing offers transparency with respect to sales and royalties for the book. Author can monitor the sales and royalties online. Royalties are provided to the author directly without any middlemen. Traditional publishers usually pay some royalty amount upfront and later if they feel so. Rarely there is any clarity or transparency in the total number of books sold.
Royalty Rates Royalty rates in self-publishing is higher than traditional publishing as there are no middlemen involved. Royalty rates are less than self-publishing
Print Quality Print quality of books is better in print-on-demand (POD) self-publishing model which uses digital printing technologies and also better quality paper Traditional publishing model uses offset printing. Quality of books is usually not as good as books printed with POD technologies.
Author's Investment Author only pays for the services opted. There is no upfront requirement to purchase a specific number of books. Most traditional publishers ask the authors to purchase a few hundred copies to recover some (or even all) of the printing costs.
We give 100% profit to the Author. Check the royalty calculator for more details.
White Falcon Publishing creates an account on behalf of the author on the print-on-demand self-publishing platform ( Once the book is available online, we share the account details with the author so that from there onwards the author can monitor the book sales and royalty.
Author can decide the list price at any value more than the cost price of the book.
Author is provided an account on the print-on-demand self-publishing platform (, where he/she can monitor the book sales and royalties accumulated. For more details see the video below.
We make regular payments of royalty accumulated, either when the royalty balance exceeds Rs 1000 or at the end of each quarter. For authors in India, royalty payments are done through NEFT transfer. Author authors based outside India, royalty payments are done through Paypal.
The author need not purchase any copies upfront. The printing is done as and when order is placed.
Yes, author is charged only the cost price of the book, while list price is fixed for the market.
You can order author copies from your WFP Store account. An account invite for the WFP Store account is sent to the author. The author discount is applied to this account. Please note, the WFP Store account is different from the WFP Platform account. For more details see the video below.

ScholarGram is an open and free academic publishing platform developed by White Falcon Publishing. With ScholarGram you can publish your academic and research works such as thesis, dissertations, research papers, project reports, conference proceedings and journals into print and eBooks, for free.

BooksFundr is India's first crowd-funding platform for books. With BooksFundr, authors can create campaigns for their books and sell pre-orders. The books that meet pre-order goals are published by White Falcon Publishing, for free.
We charge authors for providing various professional services for making the manuscript print-ready (such as book interior design, cover design, editing), marketing and distribution services. We take responsibility for inventory management and order fulfillment and author is not charged for these services.
White Falcon Publishing, with its professional services (such as book cover design, interior design, editing, etc.) helps authors in transforming their raw manuscripts into beautifully enhanced books available online for global market.
White Falcon Publishing provides all relevant author services at the most reasonable prices. A variety of plans are provided for the ease of the author. However, it isn’t mandatory for one to choose only the plan and get stuck, even if certain services aren’t required. We also provide custom plans to facilitate you to get your book published. The author is not mandated to purchase any copy of the book. You pay only for the publishing services. White Falcon Publishing also provides various marketing services. We provide a book page with author’s biography, book details, etc. on our website.
Since the copyright of the book lies with the author, author is not liable to any kind of exclusivity of the published work. Self-publishing is all about non-exclusivity, independence and wider reach. So, even if an author gets his work self published, he can also get the same work published through any other traditional publisher as well.
If the script is edited already, normally it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get the book published. In case of additional work required like copy editing, depending upon the size of the book, it can take additional 2-3 weeks.
For standard shipping, it can take up to 2 weeks. With expedited shipping, delivery can be made within 5 days.
We request 50% advance payment for the publishing services opted. The balance 50% is requested after the book is published.
We accept payments through an online payment gateway, where you can pay using your credit-card, debit card or net-banking. We also accept payments by cheque and NEFT transfer.
We offer various online marketing services (Google ad campaign, Facebook Ad campaign, author/book website, email campaigns, marketing kit, online press release, promotional videos). We have engaged a PR firm for specialised marketing services like Press interview, Media coverage, Book launch events. If authors wish to avail any of these services, we can guide them accordingly.
We offer the following color, binding and book size options:

Color Options:
    - Black & White Interior, Color Cover
    - Color Interior, Color Cover

Binding Options:
    - Perfect Binding (Paperback)
    - Case Binding (Hardcover)

Book Sizes:
    - 4.33 x 7.01 inches
    - 5 x 7 inches
    - 5 x 8 inches
    - 5.5 x 8.5 inches
    - 5.83 × 8.27 inches (A5)
    - 6 x 9 inches
    - 7 x 9 inches
    - 8.5 x 11 inches
For black & white interior, we use 70-80 GSM White/Natural Shade paper. For colored interiors we use 130-170 GSM art paper. For paperback covers we use 250-280 GSM art-board. The quality of books published is superior to most traditionally published books.
We accept MS Word files, PDFs, even old books that authors wish to be re-published. Author need not worry about the format or composition of his book. Let our professionals handle that.
Minimum 50 pages is the limit to get a book published.
Print-on-demand is a digital printing technology which allows even a single copy to be printed and the cost of printing is independent of the number of copies being printed. In contrast to print-on-demand, offset printing involves a fixed setup cost for creating the plates (usually made of metal) from which ink is transferred onto a rubber sheet, which in turn is rolled onto paper being fed through a press. The large sheets of printed paper are then cut bound to form a book. Offset printing is economical only for bulk printing and the printing cost per book decreases with the number of copies being printed.
Since print-on-demand allows even a single copy to be printed, neither the publisher nor the author has to make a significant investment in bulk printing of copies. Revisions in books can be done, as the copies are printed on-demand as and when the orders come in. Offset printing, on the other hand, requires a significant investment for bulk printing of copies.
If authors require bulk copies for their personal use and distributing them to their friends/colleagues, the same can be provided at the printing cost. For orders upto 1000 copies, print-on-demand is economical. For larger quantities, we can get offest printing done.
List of distribution channels can be viewed here.
Our primary distribution model for print books is through online channels (such as Amazon, Flipkart and WFP Store). However, we can pitch your book to national distributors for making it available in physical book stores and if the distributors agree to take up the book for distribution, we can supply the books under certain conditions.
We work on a partial print-on-demand model where we maintain inventory of the books for sale on the online distribution channels. Inventories are regularly replenished to ensure that the books remain available for sale on the online channels.
White Falcon Publishing takes responsibility for inventory management and order fulfillment. Author is not charged for these services.
The books are available for sale on the online distribution channels till the time author wishes to continue the agreement with us. Author signs an agreement with us which is subject to yearly auto-renewal without any extra fee.